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Projects we worked on

RPG Game
LowPoly FPS
Mobile FPS
Mobile Runner
Virtuelle Ausbildungsmesse
Metaverse of Communication
Highbay Storage Simulation
Testimonial Highbay Storage
Shopping Malls
United Metaverse
Ue5 Matrix City Multiplayer
AI Characters
VR Shopping
AR Inspection
Nifty Ville
Trick Shot
Cosmic Universe
Apocalytic Level
Graveyard Level
Mountain Town


Talk with our clients:

Step into our Virtual 3D office where you can have engaging conversations with our handpicked customer
testimonials, offering insights into our projects, processes, and frameworks.
Immerse yourself in a virtual environment to get a deeper understanding of our approach and expertise.


Tiger Award 2022

1st Place Winner of the Tiger Award for Best German Start-up 2022!
Our commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled us to this prestigious achievement.
Join us to reshape Gamedevelopment industry together to forge a brighter future together.

Baulig Gold Award 2023

We're thrilled to announce our achievement of the prestigious Baulig Gold Award, recognizing our commitment to excellence in delivering innovative Virtual 3D Showrooms and Offices. This milestone reflects our dedication to providing exceptional solutions and experiences for our clients.