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My name is Fabian, 5 years ago I started creating my own games and worlds/Levels with Unreal Engine. One year later I started programming my game Meltdown. During this time I made a lot of mistakes and put a lot of money into things which, I didn't really need. Also, the planning was not good so, I had to start my game all over again.

Today I advise customers so that they don't have to make the same mistakes as I did back then, because starting over with game development doesn't feel good. During this time I also learned to focus on my strengths instead of making up for all my weaknesses. Because at that time I tried to be good in all areas of game development (animations, 3D creation, development etc.). As I noticed later this can't work with just 17 years..

I am now 20 years old, and focus on my strengths (level design and development). For all other fields of game development, I have developers who are absolute luminaries in their respective fields. This developer network is constantly growing and I can share it with you. This way you no longer work with people who are a bit good in many subjects, but exclusively with professionals. In order to share this network with my clients, and also to protect my clients from my mistakes of the past, I founded my company NeoxEntertainment this year (2020).

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How we make your life easier

In meetings, I share my knowledge with you, so you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I also offer customers to take over the complete planning of the games. Then, I look for suitable developers for the project from my developer network and coordinate the complete development from planning to release. I offer the whole thing for first/third person shooters as well as for mobile games, but I also accept other games or projects.

I am currently focusing on virtual exhibitions, where I recreate a part of reality in Unreal Engine. These can then be visited by other people, for example, to learn more about a company or its products. Everybody is doing live streams or videos at the moment, but they are mostly not interactive and in my opinion they are boring now. So I had the idea to transport the information through another medium... games.

My vision has always been to improve the reputation of games. Because you can use them not only to pass the time, but also to learn something, to earn money passively (especially in difficult times like the Corona situation at the moment), but also to create jobs.

It is always said that children learn the fastest. I asked myself what the reason for this is, and came to the conclusion that playful learning stays in the mind much better than dull learning with study notes or videos. Therefore I offer this as interactive online games/ exhibitions.

More about the company

• Visions: My vision is, as mentioned above, to put games in a positive light, because you can do many useful things with them, like learning, earning passive income (advertising, sales etc), but also create jobs. Furthermore I would like to help as many people as possible to create their own game. I also want to make it as easy as possible so that everybody can do it. Through my consulting you can achieve good results with a small budget and e.g. create a demo of the game to earn more money with the game with targeted marketing and crowdfounding, which is then ready for development.

• Goals: My goals for the future are e.g. to finish developing my game Meltdown, because I began my journey with it some time ago and it was my first big project. I am also working on a developer browser where customers can post their projects directly and then put together a group of developers who can help them with the project. The whole website works in real time and also supports calls with the developers as well as other features. This way the projects can be better discussed. Since the website is not yet finished, I am currently still planning and, mediating the projects.

This is only the beginning, so you can be curious about everything that is still to come.

What makes us special

Our customers can follow the development of the games etc. live by getting videos or screenshots of the process every 1-2 days. The customers can also give direct feedback if they don't like something. In addition, thanks to time differences, my international team works almost around the clock to complete your project as quickly as possible. We also make sure that each project is individually adapted to the customer's wishes. This makes every game, every level unique. Another unique selling point is that we really do what we're talking about. Because we are all developers, artists, who also have their own projects, like me, for example, meltdown. We finance them through our income from commissioned work, so we work hard to achieve our goal.

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Apply as a developer

You are a developer who is currently looking for work ? Get in touch with me and we can talk more about possible projects etc. However, it is very important to me that I know the developers well before I let them work with my customers, because customer satisfaction is my highest priority. It is just fulfilling to see the progress every day. Furthermore, you are probably asking yourself what you will gain if you are accepted. I support my developers in all kinds of topics and in communicating with customers. I also search for projects for them so that they can focus on their projects to become even better in their field. So the whole thing is a win-win-win-win situation in which the player, customer, developer, and I benefit.

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In my experience, you start things, but if you don't DO THEM in the next few days, they often fall into oblivion again. Therefore, I recommend you take the first step today and contact me directly. We will then arrange an appointment for a consultation. I don't accept excuses like "I don't have time for this" because you can commission your game in just 1 hour. From then on, I will work on your project with my team and send you video updates. So you can give me direct feedback if everything is ok or if I have to change something. So from the customer's point of view, hardly any time is needed.

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