Problems of the most Companys

In Times of Corona many companies are having great problems such as:
• finding new trainees
• Presenting their products and services
• trade fairs/events are closed due to Covid-19
• Attract new Customers

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How I want to help

I would like to offer such companies or private persons, to create their own trade fairs with Unreal Engine (Known Game Engine).

In the finished product, you can then, either play alone, or with your friends. I will create a trade fair which is run/hosted by your company. People can visit, and learn more about the company, in exciting mini-games. Like that they can learn more, in a fun, interactive way!

I have been working with Unreal Engine for 5 years, mostly on first and third person shooters, but my goal has always been to use games sensibly. e.g. for learning, to create jobs or to give investors a new passive source of income.

This year i had the idea to now create scenarios for trade fairs, for companies to promote their products and/or services. As I am currently completing my appranticeship (for this company i also build a virtual exhibition to get new trainees), I was able to work with the Human Resource Management and the marketing department to set up this type of fair.

All Informations in a short Video

What I can archive for your Company

I can also create something similar for your company. After telling me your ideas, I will then discuss the planning with you or your colleagues and I will take care of the implementation / planning and development. While I was creating my first game, MeltDown, I was able to connect with a broad network of developers and designers who have worked for Rockstar games, Mercedes and other huge companies.

I also have several references and worked on virtual crisis simulations for the International Red Cross. If you are interested, I can gladly share my portfolio with you.

COVID-19 has brought a deep look into how we live our lives. Now, the digitalization is growing more and more and we should be open to new things, that allow us the freedoms we once had.

When will you start your own virtual trade show to promote your products?

What makes us special

Our customers can follow the development of the games etc. live by getting videos or screenshots of the process every 1-2 days. The customers can also give direct feedback if they don't like something. In addition, thanks to time differences, my international team works almost around the clock to complete your project as quickly as possible. We also make sure that each project is individually adapted to the customer's wishes. This makes every game, every level unique. Another unique selling point is that we really do what we're talking about. Because we are all developers, artists, who also have their own projects, like me, for example, meltdown. We finance them through our income from commissioned work, so we work hard to achieve our goal.

Start your Project Today

In my experience, you start things, but if you don't DO THEM in the next few days, they often fall into oblivion again. Therefore, I recommend you take the first step today and contact me directly. We will then arrange an appointment for a consultation. I don't accept excuses like "I don't have time for this" because you can commission your game in just 1 hour. From then on, I will work on your project with my team and send you video updates. So you can give me direct feedback if everything is ok or if I have to change something. So from the customer's point of view, hardly any time is needed.

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