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This site is currently under construction but you can follow our dev logs on our YouTube channel NeoxDev

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You are a developer who is currently looking for work ? Get in touch with me and we can talk more about possible projects etc. However, it is very important to me that I know the developers well before I let them work with my customers, because customer satisfaction is my highest priority. It is just fulfilling to see the progress every day. Furthermore, you are probably asking yourself what you will gain if you are accepted. I support my developers in all kinds of topics and in communicating with customers. I also search for projects for them so that they can focus on their projects to become even better in their field. So the whole thing is a win-win-win-win situation in which the player, customer, developer, and I benefit.

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In my experience, you start things, but if you don't DO THEM in the next few days, they often fall into oblivion again. Therefore, I recommend you take the first step today and contact me directly. We will then arrange an appointment for a consultation. I don't accept excuses like "I don't have time for this" because you can commission your game in just 1 hour. From then on, I will work on your project with my team and send you video updates. So you can give me direct feedback if everything is ok or if I have to change something. So from the customer's point of view, hardly any time is needed.

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